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1000W Portable Solar Energy Electricity Backup Generator Kit For Camping



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1000W Portable Solar Energy Electricity Backup Generator Kit For Camping

1000W Solar backup generators, small whole house electricity supplu, also portable energy electric charging for outdoor camping !

  • Item NO.:

    WHC SOLAR 1200
  • Inverter:

    1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Battery:

    12V 100Ah Gel Battery * 1pcs
  • Controller:

    12V 30A
  • AC Charge:

  • Solar Panel:

    150W Mono Solar Panel * 2pcs
  • Size:

    46 * 23 * 52cm
  • Appliances:

    Fridge, TV, Fan, Light, Computer, Mobile Charge and etc.
  • Shipping port:

    Huangpu / Nansha
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  • Product Introduction

1000W Solar Home Generator strengths

1. Easy Electricity Supply.
2. Fridge keep 24H working, Can load lights, mobile phone, electric iron, fan, radio, cooker, cleaner, computer, laptop and etc.
3. Very quiet, no noise.

off grid solar kit

solar panel and battery kit

information best portable solar generator

Appliances Use Guide
Energy Supply Reference Sheet (2400WH)
Appliances Power (WATT) Quantity(PCS) Useing Time(Hour) Power Consumption(WH)
220V 135W
TV 220V 75W X1 6H 450WH
FAN 220V 60W X1 6H 360WH
LED Lights 220W 5W X5 8H 200WH
Computer 220W 40W X1 2H 80WH
Charger 220W 5W  X2 8H 60WH
Others       50WH
To Ensure Continuous Use of the Refrigerator,
Please Use The Load Reasonably Of Other Appliance!

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solar generators for home use

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