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  • The Second WHC SOLAR Apprenticeship Ceremony Ended Successfully
    Jul 30 The Second WHC SOLAR Apprenticeship Ceremony Ended Successfully
    Today is the big day of WHC SOLAR. We successfully held the second apprenticeship ceremony.  Our two outstanding newcomers successfully passed the assessment and joined our WHC SOLAR family. And our professional masters will guide them to more understand solar products to provide customers with better services.
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  • WHC SOLAR Loading 2 40HQ Containers Of Street Light Today
    Jul 23 WHC SOLAR Loading 2 40HQ Containers Of Street Light Today
    Two 40-foot containers are being loaded and shipped to Nigeria. Guess which WHC SOLAR products are being loading today? They are our 120W LED Solar Street Light Super Bright All In One Design With Lithium Battery. After a full charge, it can be used continuously for seven days. Designed specifically for government projects. The busy figures of the workers in our factory. They are working quickly and professionally. 8 Meters Long Solar Street Light Poles are being loaded. Have You Seen Professional Loading Like This? Chose WHC SOLAR save your time and save your money.
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  • WHC Solar Exciting Team Activity On the Weekend
    Jul 21 WHC Solar Exciting Team Activity On the Weekend
    WHC Solar team enjoy the exciting activity on the weekend, look at these beautiful sisters and handsome brothers. Guess where are they going? Wow,they are going to play badminton, do more exercise , sport can help us keep good health. They play it with great motivation, who is the winner? It must be the sister who laughing so happily. After the sport, of course it's time to restore energy, let us start enjoy the delicious food. Do you want to join us together? Come and join in WHC SOLAR.
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  • Can Solar Agriculture Save The Modern Farming Industry?
    Jul 02 Can Solar Agriculture Save The Modern Farming Industry?
    Can Solar Agriculture Save The Modern Farming Industry? By Ed Kennedy -Jun 25, 2020 A farmer’s life has always been one of hard toil and many challenges. It’s no revelation to say in 2020 there are more challenges than ever before for farmers and the industry as a whole. Their causes are complex and diverse, and the realities of technological advancement and globalization have oftentimes added additional ordeals to their existence. But it can’t be overlooked such phenomena has also brought many benefits to farming. So even though the industry looks upon a new decade with greater hurdles for its survival than ever before, there’s also the promise of emerging technology coming into mass use. Technology that can help farmers not only sustain, but thrive. Solar is an essential part of this new dynamic. From the 1800s to 2020 The Industrial Revolution made farming more efficient. But it also brought about the painful demise of the previous economic model. As technology advanced it allowed harvesting to be done more quickly but at the expense of the labor pool. The loss of jobs as a result of innovations in farming has become a common trend ever since. Such new advents and alterations to the existing model farmers have often welcomed and detested with equal measure. At the same time, the way the demand for agricultural exports operates has changed too. In decades gone by the capacity for far-distant nations to trade agricultural goods was—while by no means impossible in every instance—a far more difficult prospect. Today (allowing for the impact the coronavirus pandemic has temporarily placed on the process) the global exchange of agricultural goods is done with an ease and speed that would’ve been unimaginable in bygone eras. But this too has often placed a new pressure on farmers. Yes, unquestionably some have benefited—and benefited massively from such a change—as farms that produce world-class “clean and green” goods now have a truly international market to export to. But for those who sell more routine goods, or find the international market has saturated their domestic audience with the same products they sell, the path to maintaining a steady profit year in and year out has become much harder. Ultimately, such trends are not just problems for farmers, but for all others. Especially those within their native nations. It’s anticipated the years ahead will see the world become more unstable as a result of numerous factors, not the least of which the growing threat of climate change. In this regard, essentially every nation will face new pressures upon its quest for food security. It’s expected the survival of farmingas a viable career and economic model will have growing urgency, locally and globally. It is here that solar could be such an important element going forward. Solar as a savior? Solar agriculture (AKA “agrophotovoltaics” and “dual-use farming”) allows farmers to install solar panels that offer a way to make their energy use more efficie...
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  • Happy Birthday to Our Younger Sister Victoria
    May 18 Happy Birthday to Our Younger Sister Victoria
    Today is a good day. It is our colleague Miss Victoria's Birthday. We prepare many foods to celebrate her birthday. And she received many magical gifts Let's give her our best wishes.
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  • WHC SOLAR hot-sale model HVM inverter
    May 14 WHC SOLAR hot-sale model HVM inverter
    WHC SOALR HVM Inverter HVM 3.5KW MPPT-24V100A HVM 5.5KW MPPT-48V100A On & off Grid hybird inverter Can work without battery,Also can work with lithium battery. The max solar input (voc) is 500V Can protect the battery very well. Here is the inverter factory show time. Here show you the material inside the inverter. Testing ,We will test our products in three time before deliver. We have automaticly technical equipment,can complete the order with quality and quantity guarantee. No electricity,Use WHC SOLAR
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  • The Result Of The Competition In April
    May 07 The Result Of The Competition In April
    In the competition in April, our WHC SOLAR team narrowly beat our opponent and won the championship. The following is a summary of the speeches made by our excellent representatives, and received an Award. Finally, all the teams took a group photo as a souvenir.
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  • WHC SOLAR Thanks Customers Trusting
    May 03 WHC SOLAR Thanks Customers Trusting
    Thanks customers always trust us We will do our best always To provide the best quality and service to our clients Please identify WHC SOLAR
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